Facing the end of the project: Final Meeting in Tavira


The town of Tavira, Portugal, is one of the three sites chosen by the UrbanWater consortium to develop the UrbanWater platform.

After 36 months of fruitful, enriching and high-value added work, the UrbanWater project has reached its end. In occasion of the Final Meeting, the consortium met in Tavira (Portugal) on 25-26 November. The meeting was organized and hosted by partner Tavira Verde.

The previous months before the end of the technical tasks have been really busy and exciting for the UrbanWater team, who have worked together in order to close the final details of the UrbanWater platform validation in Almería, Janovice and Tavira.


Final Meeting in Tavira (25-26 November 2015). The UrbanWater consortium is experiencing with the UrbanWater platform and with the real data obtained from the pilot sites.

The meeting dealt mainly with specific validation issues faced by the utilities in the three different sites. Partners are also had the opportunity to see the platform working with the data obtained and to work with the first results.

Also essential was the preparation of the Final Review meeting and the final report, to be submitted to the European Commission by the beginning of February 2016.


Family photo the last day of the meeting

Although the project has ended, partners are committed to continue working on the platform to improve its outcomes. Dissemination of the public project results will be done in different events well throughout 2016, such as the 13th IWA Leading Edge Conference on Water and Wastewater Technologies, organized by partner FCC Aqualia in Jerez de la Frontera (Spain), 13-16 June 2016.

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