ICT4WATER: Working together for a more sustainable future


ICT4WATER is a key cluster of European projects whose goal is to face the future water challenges related to the rising pressure on water resources.

As part of the ICT4WATER iniciative, the UrbanWater Project aims to give a response to the future water sector challenges by improving the efficiency of water management, which is recognized as essential for overcoming the growing exposure of European and other countries to increasing populations and climate change.

According to the report “Global Europe 2050”, led by the European Commission, by 2025 two-thirds of the world’s population are expected to be living in water-stressed regions. Water stress means that the water demand overcomes the water supply during a certain period of time, due to various reasons: increase of consumption (led by population increase or by GDP raise), lack of adequate infrastructures, poor quality of water supplied, strongly seasonal rainfall and river flows, among others. The factor of climate change, actually, will accentuate the problem of water stress, propitiating extreme events, such as floods and droughts.

The spirit of UrbanWater and the rest of the cluster projects is also in line with the goals of the current EU Water Framework Directive, the first solid step to a single European water management policy; its intention is to align the interest of all the parties participating in the water sector – from consumers to water utilities, including policy makers and consultancy institutions, among others – in order to achieve more rapidly and efficiently the global objective of a cleaner water for the European citizens.

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