This section contains all the public information related to the UrbanWater project. Visitors are able to download public deliverables or reports sent to the European Commission (containing non-confidential information), marketing materials, publications and other downloadable files produced during the lifetime of the project.

Document of Work:

  • UrbanWater DOW (version date 18-06-2015) – download

Dissemination Materials:

  • UrbanWater Project Presentation at the World Water Congress & Exhibition 2014, Lisbon (.pdf) – download
  • UrbanWater Official Project Brochure > proposed format A4 (.pdf) – download
  • UrbanWater Official Poster (.pdf) – download
  • UrbanWater Flyer (.pdf) – download
  • UrbanWater Project Press release > official press release, announcing the objectives of the project, its Consortium and funders. – download

Deliverables available (.pdf) and coming soon:

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