The Consortium Meets In Lisbon: IWA Congress and M19 Meeting

The UrbanWater consortium met in Lisbon in occasion of the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition 2014. This year, the most prestigious Water Congress worldwide joint around 6.000 researchers, academics, managers and professionals from the water sector from more than 90 countries.

Partners Aqualogus, Orga Systems and Hyds presented the UrbanWater project during the Business Forum held on Thursday 25th September (you can find the presentation in our Library section). The presentation focused on the description of the different modules that will eventually integrate in a unique smart platform and will enhance the water management efficiency. Moreover, the UrbanWater platform expects to have a great impact over the consumer experience, not only by providing the water consumers about basic figures relted to their consumption, but also fostering more sustainable habits through innovative on-line games.


Francisco Freire, from Aqualogus, presenting the UrbanWater project to the IWA audience (Left). The IWA audience (Right).

The consortium also took the opportunity to celebrate the M19 Meeting, organized by partner Aqualogus, which lasted two days. This meeting was especially relevant as the consortium welcomed officially new partners Aqualia and Ovod, who will contribute with its knowledge and its wide experience as water utilities to the future developments of the project.

Partners explained widely their recent developments in the different technical areas of the project, according to the related Work Packages, and paved the ground for the project next challenge, which is the system development deployment.

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