The pilots

The UrbanWater project includes a validation phase to be performed by the last months of the project lifetime. The validation phase consist of the preparation and development of three large-scale pilots led by the consortium utilities: FCC Aqualia, OVOD and Tavira in Spain, Czech Republic and Portugal, respectively. The main aim of the validation phase is to test the UrbanWater platform in a real environment in order to assess the effectiveness and benefits of the proposed integrated solution for end-users (water consumers and utilities). The pilots will also become an effective way of promoting the project final outcome, which is close to the market and to the end-users.


Almería_pilotThe validation in Almería will have a strong focus on customer-side tools. Customers in Los Toyos and Retamar area will benefit from accessing a portal with detailed and useful information about their consumption. This information ranges from water use by category (washing machine, shower, etc.), hourly consumption and trends, and challenges faced by utilities. This portal also includes a set of educational games and a program of incentives focused on simulating the effects of innovative billing schemes. These platforms will also include decision-support features including the expected effects of demand influencing tools.



In the case of Janovice, the UrbanWater system deployed will include all UrbanWater features. This will make it possible to assess the combined effect of all UrbanWater modules and measure the effect of synergies between utility-side modules and customer-side modules.



UrbanWater will be used in Tavira in order to increase the efficiency of decision-making processes of Tavira Verde by taking full advantage of estimators developed for demand and availability, and detection of leakages. The system will be used in the management of the area of Conceiçao